Title: Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening Communities in Europe (InnoSI)

Duration: 01.05.2015 – 31.10.2017

Funding programme: Horizon 2020 EURO-3-2014 Call

Description: INNOSI asks how we can design robust social investment strategies which can deal with emerging socio-economic challenges and the aftershocks of the 2008 economic crisis.
The research will identify innovative approaches to social investment at national and regional levels across the 28 Member States with in-depth case study evaluations taking place in 10 Member States. Within the programme of research special attention is paid to the legal and regulatory frameworks required for innovation in social welfare policy and different approaches to funding social welfare policy including the potential role for third sector and private sector organisations.
Our overall approach is based on our distinct understanding of social investment which recognises:
• the importance of regional context in social investment policy;
• the role for social innovation in social investment;
• the need to recognise and measure social as well as economic value when evaluating policies; and
• how beneficiaries experiences of social investment policies play help shape civic identities in Europe.
The consortium is led by Manchester Metropolitan University and joined by all Carpe HEIs and further five other European universities.

Media: INNOSI movie