CARPE, the European  consortium on applied research and professional education is a strategic alliance of a number of Europan universities of Applied sciences. The partners aim to encourage cooperation in European research programmes and jointly develop educational programmes. In 2011 CARPE, the Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education, was launched in Utrecht, by Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Universitat Polytècnica de València.  The University of Debrecen joined in 2017 as a full member. From 2012 untill 2018 Manchester Metropolitan University participated in CARPE. In 2020 Politécnico do Porto and University of West Scotland joined the network. CARPE is a consortium of European Universities that have been brought together by the common themes of applied research, professional education and focus on our students’ future world of work.

All the partners have the following themes at the forefront of their agenda:

  • Conducting research and providing education that is demand-driven and which also contributes to innovation in industry.
  • Maintaining strong links with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises, the public sector and local and regional governments.
  • Embracing the themes of entrepreneurship, social responsibility, sustainability and internationalisation.