Special Interest Group: Data Science & AI

In the rapidly changing field of Artificial Intelligence, this SIG brings together researchers, lecturers, and doctoral students active in the field. Covering a wide range of topics including the technical aspects (e.g. machine learning infrastructure, smart maintenance, methodological-statistical approaches), the socio-ethical aspects (e.g. responsible AI, explainable AI), and the combination of both, this SIG enhances international scientific and educational exchange and collaboration.

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Get in touch with the leads of Data Science & AI for the possibilities to collaborate:

Prof. Dr. Kai Von Luck

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences


Dr. Susanne Draheim

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences



Dr. Huib Aldewereld

HU University of Applied Sciences


Dr. ing. Matthijs Smakman

HU University of Applied Sciences



"I appreciate the international exchange between the CARPE partners a lot and we are always looking for international cooperation partners for joint research projects – in this regard, being part of the SIG is absolutely helpful. "

Kai van Luck, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences