Special Interest Group: Food

SIG: Food

As part of a consortium of universities, we collaborate to identify research projects and synergies within the food sector. Our main goal is enhancing food quality and safety, improving sustainability and efficiency, and positively impacting consumer health.

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Get in touch with the leads of SIG Food for the possibilities to collaborate:

Dr. José Manuel Barat Baviera

Universitat Poiltècnica de València – FoodUPV


Mr. Julio Carreras Llisterri

Universitat Poiltècnica de València – FoodUPV



Dr. Szilvia Veres

University of Debrecen – Institute of Crop Sciences Dept. of Applied Plant Biology


"Together, we build the bridges to the food of the future. A sustainable and healthy food for everybody."

Dr. José Manuel Barat Baviera, Universitat Poiltècnica de València