Teacher HUB

How can teaching and research benefit from each other? 

What are the good practices in facing challenges of professional higher education? 

How can joint initiatives such as Horizon2020, Horizon Europe or Erasmus+ projects become more successful when they are based on a stronger educational narrative?

These are some of the questions that the CARPE Teacher HUB would like to explore with you. When it comes to professional education the possibilities for collaboration and mutual learning in CARPE are yet to be fully exploited.

Experiences by CARPE partners – such as the Essence and SAUNAC projects about combining research and education in smart sustainable cities – will help to frame the core challenges and questions. Against a background of innovative content in our professional education we invite you to learn from others and share your practices, perspectives and questions. We will also provide for unexpected meetings that can spark unforeseen collaborations!

Interested? Go to ‘Work with us‘ for contact details (Turku UAS) or join our LinkedIn group